Quut represents a wide range of toys. Whether they are used at the beach, in the bath or at home, they all have exceptional design in common!

Endless play - Quut wants children to play endlessly! Quut uses high quality materials so that their toys can be passed down from child to child and cherished by generations. Quut toys are fun for all ages as they evolve with children's different stages of development. Who signs up for endless summers of fun?

Playing together - Quality toys for quality time. Immerse yourself in the world of children and create unforgettable memories together. Build sandcastles with the help of the Alto sand tower, invent the wildest stories during bath time, then cuddle up on a play mat. Quut toys inspire and encourage group play.

Play to learn - Playtime is about much more than fun and laughter, isn't it? Absolutely! Quut toys stimulate creative skills and stimulate the imagination. Building small structures with Quut and Blokki bath sets is not only fun and exciting, it also encourages important skills such as problem solving, pattern recognition and colour recognition. Quut creates toys that make a difference by encouraging the development of strong fine motor skills during play.

Smart design - 

We all need classics in our lives. Quut reinvents them by giving them a complete upgrade, rather than just creating a copy. Quut brings a smart, stylish design touch based on the needs of parents and children. Have you already noticed Quut's 3 clever design tricks?

1.        Improve ergonomics so that children can play for hours. Try the Scoppi shovel and feel the difference for yourself!

2.        Constantly questioning the use of toys, because there's always room for improvement. Like the Ballo: finally a bucket that doesn't spill water!

3.         Multidisciplinary use: making products even more useful by adding extra features and play possibilities. A flying disc that's also a sand sieve? Twice the fun on the beach!

Consient production - When designing a new Quut product, appearance is not the only thing that counts. Sustainability is paramount at every stage of the product's life cycle. From design to production, packaging, transport, use and recycling, Quut aims to create a more circular economy.

  • Endless Play | Togetherness | Play to learn | Smart Design | Conscious Production
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